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Hecking Excited S1 E4

WE'RE BACK!!!! After a week off, Michael Sciulli joins the podcast. We talk about our personalities.

Hecking Excited: S1 E3

The gang talks about sprained ankles. Kestra is a book and is questioning Luke mental state for eating crickets. Luke and Kestra categorize Romo's.

Hecking Excited: S1 E2

The gang is joined by Sean Strain. Luke and Sean team up to help Kestra understand the concept of carrier pigeons. Kestra talks about her decision to become a vegetarian. She also ...

Hecking Excited: S1 E1

When two personalities like this come together, planets explode, stars implode and the greatest podcast ever drops. On the first episode of Hecking Excited, Kestra and Luke talk ab...

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