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Week one of Flashback Friday on a Tuesday! Just a test and a mix of a few good songs! Enjoy!

Today I play music...shocker.

After being gone for nearly 2 months, Flashback Friday is finally back! 

Due to me missing a majority of the 12 Days of Christmas, I wrap things up by doing a two hour Christmas special! Happy Holidays!

Today we kick off the 12 Days of Christmas special! Enjoy!

This week Raul Toledo makes his way into the station!

This week Raul Toledo makes his way into the station!

This week on Flashback Just like always.

This week on Flashback Friday...we have Stephen back! Enjoy!

Today we feature Queen, the Beach Boys, the Beatles and many other successful classic groups! 

After many technical issues, Flashback Friday is finally back! 

Flashback Friday: 9/27/19

This week on Flashback Friday, we go back in time and enjoy Queen, Elvis, the Beach Boys and many other well known bands! Also, stay tuned for trivia!   

Flashback Friday: 9/13/19

Welcome back to Flashback Friday! Time to sit back, enjoy some Queen, Beach Boys, Elvis, Ramones, and much more! Happy Friday! 

Flashback Friday: 5/3/19

Flashback Friday Summer Sendoff! Today is the final show for Flashback Friday! Enjoy some of the best summer tunes of all time! 

Flashback Friday: 4/26/19

The Beatles, Beach Boys, Queen, Frank Sinatra, and many other favorites! Join me as I go back in time and play some of the greatest hits known to man! 

Flashback Friday: 4-5-19

Join me this week as I play some of the greatest hits ever recorded. 

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