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RMU Chat 10/4/17

Malyk Erik Luke and Miller all sit down and break down the Vegas shooting, Their dream vacation spots, and debate how easy Korean is to learn

RMU Chat 9/28/17

Malyk and Greg are joined by Luke Yost and Avin Patel to discuss their favorite cartoons, Why famous people get famous without doing anything, and Avin explains the differences bet...

RMU Chat 9/21/17

Greg, Shayla return to RMU Chat joined by Erik. They discuss the new Moon Shopping center, growing up in the country and The serial car converter thief.

RMU Chat 9/14/17

Greg Sutton and Katie Wedge join Malyk to discuss the new Iphone, Donald Trump as president and the first police blotter of the school year.

RMU Chat 9/7/17

An all new semester of RMU Chat! Malyk returns and is joined by Shayla, Miller, and Tanner to discuss the first two weeks of freshman year, tattoos, the best places to get coffee a...

RMU Chat 4/6/2017

This week Malyk Avin and Mike sit down to discuss Persona 5 and what they've been playing, 13 Reasons Why, and Why RMU TV's presentatioin at the SMPTE meeting.

RMU Chat 3/30/2017

This week Malyk, Mike, Avin, and Rashad talk about Elon Musk putting robots in people's brains, he army's new lasers, and Mike defends perogies because everyone else thinks they're...

RMU Chat 3/16/2017

This week Malyk, Mike, Brandon discuss spring break, the weather, and snoop dogg's newest music video as a statement.

RMU Chat 1/28/16

Ben, Hannah, Zac and Jake remember a fallen student, give their favorites for what is coming to Netflix, go over the police blotter and offer praise to Neco Brett and Greg Gibson. 

RMU Chat 12/8/15

It's just Ben and Eddie on this episode. They talked about the current state of the presidential race, how excited they are about Star Wars, the police blotter and a new feature on...

RMU Chat 12/1/15

Everyone is back and they talked about how their Thanksgiving break was, as well as what they started to binge-watch. Eddie went over the National Board of Review's movie of the ye...

RMU Chat 11/17/15

Ben, Eddie, Hannah and Zach talk about the recent attacks in Paris and Beirut. They also go over their views on the possibility of taking on refugees. 

RMU Chat 11/10/15

Zac Cosnotti, the president of RMU's Student Veterans Association, joins the show to talk about life as a veteran and a RMU student. Eddie goes through a handful of entertainment n...

RMU Chat 10/27/15

There's a feature on Sentry Media called "Humans of RMU" and the guys (no Hannah this week) talk about it. The guys also talk about their favorite Halloween movies. Zach reads the ...

RMU Chat 10/20/15

The show starts off talking about RMU's public safety department and their readiness if a shooting would happen on campus. Eddie goes over the highlights of the latest "Star Wars" ...

RMU Chat 10/13/15

Ben poses the question if there is anything to do on campus on the weekends. Eddie goes over a recent celebrity social media shock. Hannah breaks down the police blotter. Zach prev...

RMU Chat 10/6/15

Dr. Anthony Moretti is a guest and talks about the upcoming engaged learning conference, as the importance of it for RMU students. Eddie previews the new "American Horror Story" se...

RMU Chat 9/29/15

Hannah breaks down the events at National Saudi Day, as well as the decline in international enrollment. Eddie goes over the list of what is coming to Netflix in October and gives ...

RMU Chat 09/22/15

Eddie talks about his experience at the Mid-Atlantic Emmys. He was a part of the RMU Sentry Media team that was a finalist for their election coverage. They also dove into the Prim...

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