Sports Takeover: 10/23/19

Middle of October. Every sport known to mankind is going on. Weeks like these are hard to include everything, so we decided to narrow our focus to a few different topics this week. We take an in depth look at who the true contenders are in college football, while providing scenarios for why almost every team still has a chance. After that we move to the NFL where some division leaders are starting to distance themselves from the mediocrity that follows behind them. After that we take a look at the World Series and wonder how the Nationals made it, but more importantly how they keep on doing it. Next we have another soccer playoff preview; this time we look at the local Pittsburgh Riverhounds and their chances of winning a USL championship as the best team in the Eastern Conference. Lastly we conclude with Quick Picks and Bold Predictions where we try to be just as mediocre as every other week.

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