Sports Takeover: 11/20/19

This week's show opens with the great incident that was the end of the Browns and Steelers game, and the fallout surrounding that. We continue through the NFL as we give our updated power rankings, alongside our top 5 quarterbacks over the last few years (it's a very loose list, we go into detail about that). We briefly touch on college football as there was not a whole lot happening last week. Similarly, we touch briefly on NASCAR as the 2019 champion was crowned last week at Homestead. You may have noticed the Pirates end of season recap was omitted earlier this year, but fear not as we were waiting for the right time to go over all of the moves as there have been wholesale organizational changes that needed to be addressed. In the NHL there is an extremely strong duo that is leading in just about everything that reminds us of a certain hometown duo doing the same thing a decade ago. Lastly we wrap up with Quick Picks and Bold Predictions. No show next week as we will be enjoying our Thanksgiving break.

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