Sports Takeover 12/11/19

On the last show of 2019, we spend the first half with our normal format by starting with the NFL and what we need to watch in this last month of the regular season. The College Football Playoff is set, and for the first time, there are no complaints from who the committee selected as we give a preview of the semifinals matchups. As opposed to last offseason, the hot stove in the MLB is fully engulfed in flames as the two biggest names on the pitching market have signed record breaking deals, and we're here to tell you what that means for the league. As it has recently been making appearances, college basketball makes a splash as once again teams in the top five just don't know how to not get upset as the #1 team fell once again. For the second half of the show, we move to a review format as we look at 2019 in sports before looking to the 2010s as a whole to highlight some of the key moments that may have been forgotten in the last ten years. Lastly, we conclude with Quick Picks and Bold Predictions.

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