Sports Takeover 4/17/19

On this week's show, we begin by looking at the marvelous victory that Tiger Woods was able to attain over the weekend at the Masters, and what that means for his legacy. Next we move into the MLB where there are several surprise players and teams leading the league after about a month of play. Following that is an NBA 1st Round Playoff update where some of the early games provided unexpected results. Two teams in the NHL have found their coaches for the 2019-20 season, and we look at what it means for them. Additionally, we look at the 1st Round of the NHL Playoffs with some close series, but more importantly some earth-shattering sweeps in the Eastern Conference. Top Takeover makes its return with this week's installment featuring our Top 5 Playoff Collapses in NBA and NHL history. Lastly, we conclude with quick picks.

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